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A.G. McIlwain Ltd. designs barges for a variety of uses.  The barges seen here are used to transport fish farm supplies, logging and trailer trucks, heavy machinery, and rocks and gravel.  Some barges are used for towing with tugs, while others are self propelled, or pulled by cables across rivers and lakes.


Self-propelled cargo barge Bad News  Bad News
 L.O.A. 21.4 M
 Beam Mld 8 M
 Full Load Draft 2.24 M
 Rudders 2
 Cargo 80 MT
 Fuel Oil 16,000 L
 Crew Accommodation for 4
 Steel Construction



 Cable Barge 
 L.O.A. 20.57 M
 Beam Mld 9.75 M
 Capacity 100 MT
 Fuel Oil 2,273 L
 Crew of 1
 Steel Hull

This cable barge operates in a river flowing at 6 knots, with a water depth of 2.5 M.  The barge is pulled across the river by a cable winch on board.



Downie Cable Barge  Downie Cable Barge
 L.O.A. 56 M
 Beam Mld 11 M
 Fuel Oil 10,000 L
 Crew of 1
 Steel Construction

The vessel is pulled across the lake by a continuous cable on each side.  The controls are simple to use and power is from converted D6 Caterpillar.



This vessel serves BC Packers as a floating ice barge  Ice Barge
 L.O.A. 61 M
 Beam Mld 15.24 M
 Full Load Draft 2.58 M
 Fresh Water 1,217,800 L
 Fuel Oil 190,000 L
 Crew Accommodation for 4
 Steel Construction

This barge has an ice making capacity of 300 MT / 24 hrs.  Displacement with 300 MT ice on deck and full forward tanks is 2,100 MT.



Two AGM vessels work together  Lake & River Barge
 L.O.A. 41 M
 Beam Mld 10.97 M
 Loaded Draft 1.4 M
 Capacity 600 M



 Ramp Barge
 L.O.A. 21.34 M
 Beam Mld 9.75 M
 Full Load Draft 1.23 M
 Capacity 200 MT
 Steel Construction

This barge can be constructed in two or three longitudinal sections and bolted together on site.  It can be used for towing various materials and vehicles.



The towing of a rock barge in Howe Sound  Rock Barge
 L.O.A. 71 M
 Beam Mld 18 M
 Full Load Draft 4.65 M
 Capacity 5,000 MT
 Steel Hull  



 Shallow River Barge
 L.O.A. 76 M
 Beam Mld 17 M
 Full Load Draft 1.52 M
 Oil Capacity 1,600,000 L
 Deck Cargo 1,300 MT
 Steel Hull  



Truck transporter consists of two barges joined together  Truck Transporter 
 L.O.A. 64 M
 Beam Mld 16.15 M
 Full Load 400 MT shown
 Fuel Oil 22,700 L
 Twin Drive Legs
 Crew Accommodation for 4
 Steel Construction

The unit consists of 2 barges hinged together.   Z drive and engine in each barge.  The hull is strengthened for ice.



 Truck Transporter 
 L.O.A. 42 M
 Beam Mld 12.2 M
 Full Load 600 MT
 Steel Hull  

This barge is guided by one cable and pushed by a small tug.  The hull is strengthened for ice.





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