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Ship Assist Tugs

harbour tugs

Ship assist tugs are primarily used for assisting large cargo ships with the docking process.  Their high power and specialized manoeuvrability enable them to guide large vessels in and out of a harbour.

Ship assist tugs built to our designs have consistently proven to be more economical to build and operate than other harbour tugs with comparable thrusts.  Ease of line handling, crew comfort and safety during ship assisting is incorporated into each design.


ship assist tugs Baru and Gaya operate in Austalia  Baru

 L.O.A. 23.8 M
 Beam Mld 10.67 M
 Bollard Pull 60 MT
 Draft Over Drives 4.7 
 MHP 4816
 Twin Drive Legs  
 Crew of 2  

Two recently built identical tugs Baru and Guya operate in Australia.

Their manoeuvrability is 12.7 knots ahead, 12.3 astern, and 5.5 knots sideways.

As well as performing ship assist duties, the addition of specialized equipment allows Baru to serve as a fire fighter and Guya as the navaid maintainer.



 Cape Pasley
 L.O.A. 21.5 M
 Beam Mld 10.67
 Bollard Pull 62 MT
 Draft Over Drives 4.5 M
 MHP 5000
 Crew of 2  

Cape Pasley turning 360 in 7 seconds. There is no heeling over and no green water on deck.  Cape Pasley is one of the most powerful Z drive tugs for her size in Australia and has set new performance values.


Cape Pasley sidestepping at 8 knots. With this manoeuvre, the tug can travel alongside the ship with a slack bow line, ready to push or pull.




 L.O.A 23.8 M
 Beam Mld 10.67 M
 Bollard Pull 62 MT
 MHP 4892 
 Crew of 2  

Otago forward view.  This is a high powered, compact tug designed both for efficiency and crew comfort in New Zealand waters.

The hull and skeg are designed to provide an agile and effective ship assist tug with unmatched manoeuvrability.  Otago can perform sidestepping at 8 knots.


Otago's wheelhouse is remote mounted for quietness, and allows the pilot to see the entire deck from the control station.

Otago's tire fendering and sloped stem prevent any metal to metal  contact when ship docking.



one of two tug boats Tiger Pride and Tiger Shark  Tiger Pride

 L.O.A. 16.2 M
 Beam Mld 6.4 M
 Bollard Pull 35 MT
 MHP 3240 
 Twin Drive Legs  
 Crew of 2  

The Tiger Pride and Tiger Spirit perform as ship assist tugs and also as line towing tug boats.  These tugs have a bollard pull equal to other Z drive tugs in Vancouver harbour.  They can be built for less than half the cost of a 24 M Z drive tug with comparable bollard pull.



 Tiger Sun

 L.O.A. 21.69 M
 Beam Mld 10.67 M
 Bollard Pull 64 MT
 MHP 5500 
 Twin Drive Legs  
 Crew of 2  

The Tiger Sun side stepping at 8 knots.

The Tiger Sun is the third build of three tugs designed to revolutionize ship assisting in Vancouver harbour.

This vessel has a specialized hull shape and skeg design that allows unsurpassed agility.


Tiger Sun's ample rubber fendering prevents metal to metal damage when ships are being assisted in  the harbour.


Tiger Sun's deck is designed for maximum efficiency with practicality in mind.  The winch and staple are situated to provide a safe working area for crew.




 L.O.A. 22.35 M
 Beam Mld 9.21 M
 Bollard Pull 50 MT
 MHP 4250
 Twin Drive Legs  
 Crew of 2  

Waipapa stopping a ship traveling at 11 knots.

Four sister tugs operate in the Ports of Auckland and Tauranga, New Zealand.  These tugs assist in ship docking and may also be used as line towing tugs.  Waipapa, Waka Kume, Takahiwai and Sir Robert.


Photo Credits: Murray McLellan - Tiger Pride, Tiger Sun / Ports of Auckland - Waipapa

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